The Bump… Oh Baby, I was Fit!

In May of 2010, I culminated the last days of my pregnancy and gave birth to my little Livy Bear.  In the months leading up to this joyous day – I knew I was ready to take repossession of my belly and get back into shape – and quick!

I took lots of recommendations of what to do, not to do, what to eat, what not to eat, etc.  But I found my refuge in the best resource ever… right here in Atlanta… Oh Baby Fitness!!!  Sign up today, but read on for what to expect…

Two snippets of my ‘reflection’ journal…. with Oh Baby Fitness!


Reflection #1 – Jan 2010

A Room Full of Bellies… Round Ones, and High Ones and Low Ones… Oh My!

So the major part of my daily regimen is making sure I can “snap back” after labor.  And to do so, I try to keep walking during my lunch hour with ‘Gladis’ (my coworker).  I wish yall could meet her.  She’s awesome.  But anyway… yesterday marked my first class with Oh Baby Fitness – a Prenatal Fitness and Toning Class in the Perimeter area…

Do note, being the shortest belly in the building was a little awkward to say the least.  I saw so many shapes of my preggy workout buddies, but I will say.. I had the biggest boobs and booty in the place, but definitely not the biggest belly.  Once we all took off our coats, threw on our t-shirts and sweats, we all apparently shared a common journey…  All around 17-26 weeks (I’m 22 weeks by the way), we shared VERY common experiences, symptoms, happy stories, and more!  It was awesome.

And when it came down to it… by mid-workout… we all shared the same unspoken sentiment in our subconscious mind, “She’s going to kill us!”  At first I felt like she didn’t remember we were pregnant!  I haven’t done so many squats in my LIFE.  But I could, and I did.  She challenged us to go beyond what the media has told us pregnant woman can do.

Lift and Squat, and Bend and Squat, and Stretch and Squat… WOW!  If nothing else pops back, my thighs will.  3 months of this to come.  7 Ladies, 1 carrying twins.  We made a commitment to each other to be there until the end [of our term] …as long as no one goes into labor early. LOL

Reflection #2

Water, Water, Oh Baby…

My daily routine now revolves around “nesting” – prayer and reading, cleaning and purging things we have in excess at home, prepping her room, taking Jiffy Atlanta to the next level, and cooking what I hope to be little Livy’s favorites as she gets older (amongst a million other things that I’ve not done over the last 4 years).  Not to mention worrying if my hubby and two sisters will fuss at me for climbing to reach pot on the top shelf… or moving the TV… or… (oops, forgot I copied that on the email… sooooo)

Who loves water aerobics… yea I never wrote about that one did I?  Well the funniest part was trying on the only 3 options for swimsuits I had in the closet – after realizing it wasn’t swimsuit season and had no choice.  So I chose the least embarrassing number, SHAVED, and off to class I went!!! Yea… this would be fun right?!?!?!

The first sign of comfort was walking into the locker room and realizing I wasn’t the only one who had to nerve to squeeze into wearing a “pre-pregnancy swimsuit”…. whew!  No need for the backup T-shirt and shorts. LOL.  Then getting into the pool (did I mention it snowed that weekend?).  Cold water is NOT my best friend. But the pool was actually warm! I was on my way to tight hips, slim legs, and toned arms.  And I thought water aerobics would give me a break from the incessant squats from toning class… NO.  Lauren (the instructor) kicked our butts!!!  I was done!  Awesome workout! Low Impact and great resistance.  I’m sure my little Livy enjoyed her hour of buoyant bliss… but mama needed a rest for 2-3 days after this venture.  I will definitely do this workout again!!!

Operation Pop Back Complete!

The Class: Prenatal Fitness and Toning
The Location: Choose One of many offered.  I went to both the Ravinia Club at Perimeter and the Piedmont Hospital Healthy & Fitness Club
How to Register: Visit

Why?  Because I said so… just kidding, it’s the mommy in me.  But seriously, do it for your health, for your baby, and if for not other reason, do it for your BELLY!