Be Inspired! Kill Them with Kindness


For me, the term “kill them with kindness” simply means to return any negativity with a gentle kindness that has the potential to change the dynamic of the situation. It can be challenging at times depending on what is going on in your own life.

For instance… Lebron and I traveled to Miami one weekend. On the return home we were approaching YET ANOTHER TOLL on the Turnpike and we begin fishing for cash in the car. As I ease into the shortest car lane I’m Ambushed by this Car approaching from the left, so fast we were bound for an abrupt collision. She cut me off and I hit brakes. I swerved, Blast the Car Horn, Yell a few words, and my face turned from the smoothness of a Georgia Peach to the a wrinkled Red Prune – and anger began to fester in my belly. Now in front of me, I stared at the back of her head as she paid her toll.

After she leaves, I pause a moment before lifting the brake to pull up to the women at the toll booth – sure she had also witnessed the likely accident that could have happened. But she smiled at me. How could I deny a smile back? She was pleasant and had nothing to do with the encounter just seconds before. I stretched my dollar bill toward her to pay my fee, and she said, “its already paid” and pointed her finger toward the same car that had almost hit me moments before. She left the gate open and let me pass. I said thank you, and the car was silent in thought.

The kindness of my offender who paid her own ransom and the smile of the toll lady had conquered my 30 seconds of disdain in a simple smile and the simple words “it’s already paid”. LOL… Did anyone else reading this get the pun?

So go… Overwhelm someone with mistaken or excessive benevolence!

Kill Them With Kindness


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