Living Simply Redeemed is a collaborative effort to have women of faith post their food recipes as a keepsake for themselves and/or their children, family and friends.
It’s also a space to post moments of joy, and stories of encouragement.   So if you want to join in, just let me know… email me, connect,… if you know me, you know how to connect.

I’m Marlena, a mere servant and steward  (and sometimes poster) of the posts posted here.

I am an Atlanta Native, Wannabe Blogger, Food Junkie, Jazz Lover, Frequent Walk/Runner, Worshipper of the One True and Living God, Lover of the Natural Wonders (and beauty) of the Earth, Wife, Mommy, Sister and Friend!

Read… Indulge… Collaborate… Share… Join… Be Inspired… and Enjoy!

Hugs & Love