Quick Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

My mom used to make the best biscuits.  It was the BEST smell to wake up to, as they cooked in the oven on Saturday or Sunday mornings when she had the time to get her hands dirty… floury that is. This recipe is definitely a “hands on” treat!

The Simplest Blackberry Cobbler Ever

A guest came to our home and had no love for “cooked fruit” as she made very clear to my siblings and I.  I told her, “Just taste the crust!”  Behold, she began with the sweet bread covered in the juice of fresh berry-licious-ness and ended up on the other corner of her dish, having completed an entire serving and craving more!  

Be Inspired! Kill Them with Kindness

The kindness of my offender who paid her own ransom and the smile of the toll lady had conquered my 30 seconds of disdain in a simple smile and the simple words “it’s already paid”

Jamaican Style Rice & Peas

Standard Rice Rule of Thumb – 1 Cup of Rice to 2 Cups of Liquid (Water)- With a respectful amount of salt and pepper plus 15 Minutes Makes RICE!